• Complex Welded/Riveted/Fastened Assemblies
  • Small and Large From Steel, Aluminum to Exotic Materials
  • Honeycomb Enclosures
  • Precision Electro/Mechanical Assemblies (Flight Controls, Throttle Quad, Dynamic Seats, Industrial Machinery)
  • Aircraft Panels
  • Formed Assemblies
  • Hydraulic/Pneumatic Systems
  • EIA Rack Structures and Rack Mountable Chassis
  • Equipment/Component Chassis




  • Complete System Demod/New Wiring
  • Cables: Multi-Pin, MIL Circular, Custom, Ribbon, RF, Harnessing
  • Chassis/Panel/Rack System Component Wiring
  • Power/Control Junction Boxes
  • Industrial Control/Automated Machine Wiring
  • Industrial Control Enclosures to UL508A